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The following are the list of my areas of expertise and experience:


Lying in wait are forces that tell us that we are less than, unworthy, unacceptable and not good enough to be here.  Depression captures the brain and directly decreases daily functioning.  It becomes difficult to find motivation and complete tasks due to lack of concentration and focus.  Underneath all of this is a layer of sadness, worthlessness, hopelessness, helplessness and powerlessness, which commonly transitions to suicidal thoughts.  Depression is an intruder and an invader of your body…and it is unwelcome there. You were created for this very specific time and this very specific moment, and together, we will defeat and overwhelm this force–overtaking and removing its presence from your body!


The world we live in produces situations and circumstances that are beyond our control- this triggers anxiety. Anxiety disrupts our daily functioning and attempts to invade all areas of our lives.  Together we can work to replace our concern with peace, our doubts with assuredness, our stubbornness with flexibility, our pressure into promotion.


On the journey of overcoming your trauma, we will carefully, non-judgmentally, healthily remind you of who you are:  an extremely special and powerful individual.  Everything you need to succeed is already within you. I look forward to helping you unlock your greatest self, and I’m honored to be on that journey with you.

Group Therapy

Process Group

Process Group is a form of group therapy in which individuals reflectively explore their feelings, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. You will receive reflective feedback from your fellow group members and the facilitator to receive support for your personal therapeutic process. 

Parent Support Process Group

Parent Support Process Group is a reflective group focused on the parent’s role in their child’s treatment. I provided clinical and reflective advice as you process your own thoughts, feelings and emotions related to your experiences with your child.

Parent Consultation

During Parent Consultation, I provide direct, tangible and evidenced-based interventions and support to parents of my current patients.   Together we can examine the role of both the parent and the child in a way that leads to practical change for the whole family.

Family Sessions

Treatment is no completed without family involvement. For immediate family challenges, I provide family sessions using reflective exploration and a solution-based approach to create an avenue for family members to assertively and healthily communicate with one another.


Working with Athletes

As an athlete, the goal is to operate at peak performance. This goal comes with unique challenges that few others can understand. It’s vital that our mentality remains healthy and focused as we athletically perform on the various stages of our lives. In our Athlete Process Group, we will reflectively explore your feelings, thoughts, emotions and behaviors directly related to your experience as an athlete.

Individual Session (50 minutes)


Process Group Sessions


Family Session (75 minutes)


Family Session (50 minutes)


Parent Consultation Groups



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